Coffee of the day

I just wanted to friendly remind you to reuse plastic cups and straws as often as possible. If i go to a coffee stand, i reuse the cups and straws at home at least twice. A lot of them actually do just fine in the dishwasher too. i It really does make a difference. this is a reused cup, but from one of our local coffee stand companies that i frequent.

The drink: iced breve (latte made with half & half vs regular milk, for those that don’t know) + 3 shots of espresso + vanilla + chocolate chip cookie dough + whip + caramel drizzle. I don’t do whip often anymore, but this combo is always delicious. 👌🏻

I use a Keurig K-latte machine and i love it!! (As much as i would love to be able to afford a Breville espresso machine) this thing is so cool. One of my favorite features is making cold foam.

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