Challenge #240 Road most traveled (Lens-Artists)

Most photographers tend to keep the same style they work with, but change their aesthetic. I think I’ve most often stuck with portrait photography, but i also dabble in a mix between landscape and travel photography as well. I’d like to think my aesthetic has improved over the years, but there will always be a better photo to create. Which is half the fun! Most of my travel is snowmobile related, so that is a huge portion of what i photograph. For portraits, i try to find candid moments more than posed. And in general, I try to focus on the parts of a scene that most people wouldn’t notice.

This challenge is based on the question of what style “road” do you keep taking? Some of these are still life, but i think my style of portraits is pretty similar in all of my shoots. I don’t quite have a name for it. I do tend to follow the rule of thirds whether i mean to or not, which is also pretty noticeable. Enjoy. Some of these are dated back to my high school photography class days 10 years ago.

I’d say the number one thing in photography that i think about is, “does the photo tell a story?” What stories did you find in here?

Lens-Artists Challenge #240

4 responses to “Challenge #240 Road most traveled (Lens-Artists)”

  1. Beautiful work Kaylee, I especially loved your images with children. you have a real talent for catching them naturally, no small feat!


  2. Hi – I think your photos really did emit stories.
    Also, you seemed to have captured some extra joy from formal events and then you also do “find candid moments” and the many smiles here were nice


  3. I love the expression you bring with your photos. It is truly your style to find the candid moments. I especially love the snuggly monochrome. And I have to say, I love the leaf. It made for an interesting photo. Very nice, Kaylee! Donna

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  4. Hi Kaylee. I’m glad you joined us. Your candid portraits are terrific…especially the ones with the little ones. The wedding images are lovely, too.


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