Snowmobile Vacation through photos

The 5th of March is the birthday of my favorite person (my boyfriend & adventure partner, of course). Every year we have gone on a snowmobiling trip to celebrate him. This year we originally had planned to go down to southern idaho to ride, but the avalanche conditions and weather were severe on all levels. We decided to stay home and ride in our area (it’s not usually our favorite) and it was so worth it!

We had some sun and fresh powder all three days! That never happens. We usually only have Sundays to go riding and it’s ALWAYS cloudy.

We had a wonderful one-night stay in a hotel on Lake Pend Oreille with moonlight beaming through the clouds and even a jacuzzi in the room.

This birthday for Stefan was his lucky #33. It was the 5th birthday of his that I’ve had the pleasure to be around for since we met, and the years just keep getting better. This year i turn 29 and i am soooo not ready. Nor will i be when he hits 35 or i hit 30. Either way, Happy Birthday Stefan, i hope you had a wonderful birthday, love.

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